Features that help
drive better call

365 AITECH offers a robust feature set that can help improve revenue, reduce churn and deliver superior customer service, enabling businesses to achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

Call QA Features

Our platform allows you to run quality monitoring at scale, without the need to listen to every single call minute, ensuring efficient and effective quality assurance for your call center operations.

Top rated accuracy

Our speech-to-text technology achieves exceptional accuracy levels across a variety of English dialects, encompassing American, Australian, Canadian, Indian, South African, South East Asian, and UK dialects.

100% Coverage

365 AITECH analyzes every call handled by your agents, ensuring that no conversation is overlooked when it comes to assessing and improving quality.

Detailed Call Review

Our platform analyzes each call for key moments and presents the findings in a user-friendly interface, allowing for in-depth analysis and insights.

Agent Wise Analysis

Our platform can identify and analyze calling behaviors and patterns of individual agents across multiple dimensions and call moments, providing valuable insights for optimizing agent performance and improving overall call center operations.

Exhaustive Call Filtering

With our platform, you can filter calls based on various criteria such as dates, agents, call moments, feedback, duration, call type, and more, enabling you to build and test calls against custom quality assurance hypotheses.

Auto Seek Audio

Our platform allows you to review a 30-minute call in under 30 seconds by automatically seeking to the specific duration where dialogue is spoken, eliminating the need to listen to the call end-to-end.

Moment Highlighting

All calls are tagged against critical call moments that were spoken, allowing you to view the entire call summary in a single glance by identifying achieved or missed moments.

Dialogue Views

Our platform presents all transcriptions in an easy-to-understand chat format, complete with proper speaker labels, and enables you to automatically seek to any dialogue with just a click of a button.

Evaluation Management

365 AITECH comes equipped with a built-in evaluation module, allowing you to rate calls, provide feedback, and share notes instantly with agents and supervisors.

Playback Library

You can bookmark calls on our platform for various purposes such as escalation, team coaching, new onboardings, and more.

Custome Configuration

365 AITECH is highly configurable, allowing it to replicate  your calling process with 100% accuracy, regardless of your specific use case or requirements.

Custom Call Moments

Replicate your calling script/theme within 365 AITECH by defining critical call moments and keyword cloud.

Custom Evaluation Forms

Create and assign multiple feedback forms for your teams. View, edit or replay the feedback during coaching sessions.

Custom Teams Management

Create teams, assign agents/ supervisors/ feedback forms and track progress of the entire team.

Custom Playlists

Create unlimited playlists and bookmark calls for hearing it. Share playlists with agents for self coaching.

Custom Notifications

Chose your notification trigger and teams. Critical gaps get pro actively captured and reported.

Security Features

Best-practice security features to ensure data privacy and safety

PII Redaction

This system has the ability to automatically identify sensitive information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and 14 other parameters. Additionally, account administrators are given the option to conceal personally identifiable information (PII) from both audio recordings and call transcripts.

IP Whitelisting

Upon request, a user account on 365 AITECH can be configured to allow access from only a specific IP address. This provides an additional layer of security, particularly for sensitive industries where data privacy and protection are critical.

Enterprise Level Encryption

Enterprise-level technology is utilized to encrypt all critical data, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and secure.

Separate Environment

To ensure data separation and avoid any potential conflicts or errors, we maintain separate test and production environments with no sharing of data between them.

Auto Deletion

We offer our customers the flexibility to request automatic deletion of recordings and transcripts beyond a specified number of days. This allows customers to maintain control over their data and protect their privacy by removing any potentially sensitive information after a certain period of time.

Unmatched Flexibility

365 AITECH simplifies speech-to-text adoption for voice teams with a fast, cost-effective solution.

No Annual Commitment

365 AITECH is a SaaS platform that operates in the cloud and doesn't require an annual commitment; although, annual plans offer discounts.

No Min Rep Commitment

365 AITECH recognizes that users may want to start with a smaller team before expanding, and fully supports this approach.

Unlimited Onboarding Support

365 AITECH offers a user-friendly and straightforward platform, but if challenges arise, we provide comprehensive onboarding support to ensure that users achieve the promised return on investment.

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