Data Collection Policy and User Prior Consent


Data Collection Policy :

Our Data Collection Policy is designed to align with regulatory standards and ensure that we maintain the highest level of compliance. One integral component of this policy involves the rigorous filtering of contacts that are registered on the Do Not Disturb (DND) list. The DND list comprises individuals who have specifically expressed their preference not to receive unsolicited voice communications.

Our Data Collection Policy outlines the following key components:

  1. Real-time Compliance: Our system actively checks the DND status of contacts in real-time. This means that if a contact registers for DND services at any point, our system will promptly detect and filter them out from our calling list.

  2. Transparency and Consent: We place a significant emphasis on transparency and consent. Before collecting any data, we explicitly inform individuals about the purpose of data collection and seek their consent. This ensures that individuals are aware of how their data will be used.

  3. Purpose Limitation: We collect data only for specific and legitimate purposes that are clearly communicated to individuals. Data is not used for purposes beyond what has been consented to, and it is not retained longer than necessary.
  4. Data Security: We employ robust security measures to protect the data we collect. This includes encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to safeguard against unauthorized access or breaches.
  5. Data Minimization: We collect only the data that is necessary for the intended purpose, ensuring that we do not over-collect or store unnecessary personal information.
  6. Data Accuracy: We take measures to maintain the accuracy of the data we collect. Individuals have the right to update or correct their data, and we have procedures in place to facilitate such requests.
  7. Data Retention and Deletion: Our policy outlines clear guidelines for the retention and deletion of data. Data is retained only for as long as necessary, and it is securely deleted when it is no longer needed.
  8. Consent Records: We maintain detailed records of consent, which include the date and time of consent, the method of obtaining consent, and any additional information that supports the validity of the consent.
  9. Third-Party Data Handling: When we work with third parties, we ensure that they adhere to similar data protection standards and policies. We do not share data with third parties without obtaining necessary consent or ensuring legal obligations are met.
  10. Policy Updates: Our Data Collection Policy is subject to regular review to remain compliant with evolving regulations and industry standards. Any updates are promptly integrated to maintain data protection.

This Data Collection Policy underscores our commitment to data privacy, ethical data handling, and compliance with relevant data protection laws. It serves as a foundational document guiding our data-related activities and ensures that individuals’ personal information is treated with the utmost care and respect while maintaining compliance with DND regulations¬†

Obtaining Prior Consent:

Obtaining prior consent is a pivotal part of our compliance and ethical standards. We are dedicated to securing explicit consent from individuals before initiating any voice calls. This consent serves as an acknowledgment from the individual that they are willing to receive voice communications from us. Here’s how we obtain and manage prior consent:

  1. Express Request for Consent: We explicitly request consent from individuals before initiating any voice communications. This request is clear, concise, and transparent, ensuring that individuals understand the purpose and nature of the voice calls.

  2. Consent Records: We maintain a comprehensive record of all obtained consents. This record includes the date and time of consent, the method through which consent was obtained, and any additional details necessary to confirm the validity of the consent.

  3. Opt-Out Mechanism: In addition to obtaining consent, we provide individuals with a straightforward opt-out mechanism. This allows individuals to revoke their consent at any time, and we promptly honor such opt-out requests.

  4. Education and Awareness: We are committed to educating individuals about their rights, including the right to provide or revoke consent for voice communications. We ensure that they are aware of their options and how to exercise them.

  5. Periodic Consent Renewal: In situations where ongoing communication is necessary, we periodically seek renewal of consent to ensure that individuals continue to be willing recipients of our voice communications.

Obtaining prior consent is a cornerstone of our commitment to responsible communication. It not only safeguards our compliance with applicable laws but also fosters trust and respect in our relationships with customers and clients.

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