KYC (Know Your Customer) Process

1. Introduction

This document outlines the KYC (Know Your Customer) process that we adheres to before initiating calls to potential clients or users. This process is essential to ensure that we only contact individuals and entities with a legitimate business interest and respect all privacy and telephony regulations.

2. Objectives

  • To ensure that our calls are made to genuine clients or prospects.
  • To respect and protect the privacy of individuals.
  • To comply with all regulatory requirements related to telemarketing and data protection.

3. KYC Procedure

3.1 Initial Data Collection

Before initiating any calls:

a) We obtain a list of potential clients or users either through our marketing campaigns or from trusted business directories. b) Each potential contact is verified for its authenticity and relevance.

3.2 Data Verification

a) We cross-check the gathered information with public databases to ensure its accuracy. b) Any discrepancies in the data are either corrected or the contact is removed from our list.

3.3 Consent

a) For potential clients sourced from online databases or other indirect means, an initial email is sent out informing them of our product/services and seeking their consent for a telephonic discussion. b) Only upon receiving affirmative consent do we initiate a call.

3.4 Data Protection

a) All customer data is stored in a secure and encrypted database. b) Only authorized personnel have access to this database.

4. Call Protocol

4.1 Initial Disclosure

At the start of every call:

a) The purpose of the call is clearly disclosed. 

b) The representative identifies themselves and our organization accurately.

4.2 Customer Queries

a) All customer queries regarding how their contact information was obtained are answered transparently. b) If a customer wishes not to be contacted again, their preference is respected and recorded.

4.3 Data Retention

a) Call logs are maintained for a specified duration as per regulatory requirements. 

b) Any customer who chooses to opt-out is added to a “Do Not Call” list.

5. Periodic Review

This KYC process will be reviewed and updated annually or as regulatory requirements change.

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